The Smallest Gaming Laptop 2020 – Unboxing $1100 Chinese Mini PC (OneGx1)

Unboxing OneGx1 mini gaming notebook windows 10 PC. Thanks to One-Netbook for sponsoring this early prototype unit for the video! Also thanks to PAN Vision and Durgod for the free sample packages. Call of Duty Black Ops 2, GTA V, SpongeBob, Resident Evil 2 and PUBG gameplay.
The Last of Us Part II Mystery Box
Cyberpunk 2077 console
SpongeBob SquarePants unboxing
Grand Theft Auto V Collector’s Edition
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Durgod Fusion keyboard


00:00 Intro
00:24 OneGx1 unboxing
04:43 Durgod Fusion keyboard
06:34 SnowRunner package
07:24 OneGx1 gameplay
07:41 Black Ops 2
08:25 SpongeBob
08:55 GTA
09:31 Resident Evil 2
10:04 PUBG
11:23 SnowRunner
11:36 Outro

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44 thoughts on “The Smallest Gaming Laptop 2020 – Unboxing $1100 Chinese Mini PC (OneGx1)”

  1. AngryOcelotGaming

    these mini laptops are cool but I just can't consider them as long as they use Intel chips, with the constant vulnerabilities and the weak integrated graphics, it's just not really worth it

  2. WOW!!! Not bad for a mini gaming netbook, compare to GPD WIN this one has a better Processor, GPU, RAM, and contains a bigger SSD storage which can expand later. Since it runs smoothly on RE2, GTA V, and Black Ops 2, I think it also runs on SFV, Tekken 7, and MK11. Overall it's awesome.

  3. YouTube: hey do you wanna watch a guy unbox a 3ds xl laptop
    me then: later
    me now: wtf is this!!!!!

  4. just wondering why they still struggle with this ancient intel 14nm+++++++++ technology, when they could halve their TDP and get much more performance by using almost any of the latest AMD 4xxxHS -cpu and get way more battery life for the machine… ?

  5. Cyborg Soldier

    bro the fucking gunpla had me creaming and all but why send the gunpla with the laptop? also what kind of graphics card is in that thing?

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