Lenovo Ideapad 5 laptop Review (2020) || AMD Ryzen 7-4700U

Lenovo Ideapad 5 laptop Review 2020 AMD Ryzen 7 4700U

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46 thoughts on “Lenovo Ideapad 5 laptop Review (2020) || AMD Ryzen 7-4700U

  1. which is model of the WIFI 6 card inside this Lenovo? I purchased the Lenovo Flex 5 14" AMD 4700U but it comes with WIFI 5, I want to upgrade to WIFI 6.

  2. Interesting while encodying the video clip I only see the CPU maxing, not the GPU, perhaps the software does not recognizes the video unit

  3. The AMD variant is almost impossible to get.
    Lenovo just emailed me saying that my order will be delayed for 1 more month, they offer me the intel version instead.

  4. The first link in the description leads to a model (81YQ0003US) which apparently has a TN panel 250 nits display! Can you please clarify this? Surely that is not the one described in this video. . ?

  5. urgh, why why why do we still have keypads on these things? this would be the perfect laptop otherwise. surely everyone is not an accountant for the target market? use the room for some nicer speaker sounds…

  6. There's a glaring error in this review. If you look at about 2:20, the reviewer says there's a place to add an additional 2.5" SSD or hard drive. Yes, there's space, but there's no SATA connector available. I bought this laptop, based in part on this review, and there is indeed a space in the lower left hand corner, as indicated, where an SSD could fit, but there's no available SATA connector. I confirmed this with the Lenovo tech rep. The boot drive is a Toshiba (2242 size) M.2 NVME SSD, and it can be upgraded to 500gb, but it's very hard to find SSDs that size. The 500gb drives I found in that size are about $150, so by the time you upgrade, you might as well spend $800 on a laptop with a bigger SSD to begin with. Otherwise, it's a very nice laptop. I'm very disappointed that I can't add a second SSD.

  7. Can you confirm that you can add a 2.5 drive to this laptop? Someone said that though there is the bay for it, there is no connection to hook it up. Can you confirm please?

  8. Can you please respond about its availability in India ? Or any other Ryzen 7 powered processor in competition to this in the same price range ?

    I tried by couldn't find it. Thanks for the awesome video. Shukran !

  9. Hello, do you know how I can get this laptop or the Ryzen 7 version in Europe? I can't find it anywhere, only in Amazon US and Lenovo US

  10. with the big 70Wh battery you can open the laptop with on finger because of more weight in the bottom but you lose the 2,5" slot

  11. It is AVALAIBLE at office depot and they have a discount, idealpad 15 at $489 ( 07/05/2020) and the idealpad flex 5 14 inch at $519

  12. Could someone explain to me how powerful the gpu of this unit is? is it better than Vega 10? cause I am confused as to how this unit differ to the other gpu.

  13. If your in the Uk then use code CUPO80 during July after you customise it so that it costs more than £700. You can do this by going to Lenovos website, customising the laptop, choosing 16GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Processor, Wifi 6 Card and a Backlit Keyboard. Also choose Graphite Grey (darker) since this looks better than platinum grey (lighter). This will bring the price to £709. Then go to checkout and on the right hand side under the price it will say add an ecoupon. Click on it and type CUPO80. This brings the price down to £630 (£80 discount). If you are a student I highly suggest buying this laptop (for uni/college) as it will do all you need during studies and also perform really well years after you graduate due to that Wifi 6 Card, 16Gb RAM and 4700u processor.I hope I helped you on your search.

  14. ideapad 5, Hi sir. is it upgradable to 16gb Ram and the NVME drive is it also upgradable? is it good for video editing like premiere pro?

  15. On some review the laptop only have usb c-type for power input…but some review it have an ordinary power input port….please help me

  16. Like wtf. we in 2020 and still can't get a high quality affordable display?! it's probably marketing tactics to make you spend more on a better screen

  17. Hey HELP Needed.
    I want to buy it with 4600U but I want to know which NVME slot is directly attached to CPU with x4 PCI-E lanes. I am trying to ask this through LENOVO Live Chat but they are asking me to provide Product serial Number. Can u ask from them bcz you have serial number or can you provide me.

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