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48 thoughts on “► ALIENWARE X51 REVIEW! – Gaming PC

  1. Hey @Westie I was wondering If this desktop would be a good computer to buy if I wanted to play flight simulator x.

  2. What are the heat levels like on the Gtx 960? Would a higher level card say the EVGA 1060 sc have heat issues?

  3. Quick question, how does it run current games like CoD,GtA, etc on nothing to crazy something like 1920×1080 or 1280×720??

  4. I myself have an x51 and I think it's a great entry level pc, not great with processor heavy games since it only has an i5, or at least mine does. But I can still play bf4, gta v, insurgency, and most games at high/medium settings at 70-90fps.

  5. I have a question and I really hope someone replies

    Which one is better the Alienware aurora r5 or the Alienware x51 please somebody reply and help me!!

  6. After 3 years my x51 finally died and I can't even turn it on and when it dose it blue screens R.I.P

  7. Hey Westy! Look, I have a normal PC and i want to boost my PC so I'll change my CPU, and there are 2 CPUs I have in mind, the razer R1 PC or this Alienware, the Razer R1 is worth 1,000 dollars and runs better than this Alienware, but the Alienware is cheaper and runs casual, so do u reccomend going for the razer or the Alienware, oh and btw I don't want to build my PC cause I'm not good building them.

  8. First gaming pc back in 2015, now I've finally got 2k to build my own. But don't get met wrong, to pulled me through

  9. I wasn't impressed by that m.2 ssd… I mean, I have a 2013 laptop with a sata ssd that loads in less than half the time this one does …

  10. Anyone know if I can get a pc that can run battlefield 1 on ultra at 60 fps for a similar price? I only have 1000 saved up for a decent pc

  11. Should i buy a x51 right now (Januari 2018)?  Specs: i7 4790 / gtx 760ti (upgrading to gtx1050ti), 16gb ram, 2TB HDD (adding a 250gb ssd). For only 400euro? Thanx!

  12. WARNING the x51s have a MAJOR problem.. the motherboard on ALL OF THEM are less quality than the rest of the PC, so when you run very demanding games IT WILL FRY THE MOTHERBOARD!!! take this from experience my brothers, AND MINE died when my brother OR I ran any graphics intensive game!!!!

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